During 2020 and 2021 prototype initiatives where launched in three cities in Canada: Halifax, Toronto and Montreal. What has been achieved in these three initiatives over the last year has been quite remarkable.

Participatory City approach Deep Dive #2 looks at why its vital to build dynamic and adaptive practical participation eco-systems, and how this differs from our current approaches to fostering networks of neighbourhood activity.

How big, exciting and tantalising is the idea that we have developed all the pieces of a new system and we now need to bring them together? A wonderful system where humans and planet can thrive together for generations to come?

The Participatory City approach is a fast-developing method of building and co-creating inclusive new systems in neighbourhoods, boroughs and cities.

The drive behind these new participation systems is to support the transition to a happier, more just and ecologically sustainable way of life.

Everyone is essential for the recovery and co-creation of post Covid-19 neighbourhoods, towns and cities.

Creating essential infrastructure for post Covid 19 neighbourhoods

Creating essential micro-infrastructure for post Covid 19 neighbourhoods

The launch video


CEO Participatory City Foundation | Working with amazing residents on Every One Every Day - Barking & Dagenham @ParticipatoryC @everyone_org Fellow @jwmcconnell

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